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In an effort to expand our faith enrichment programs throughout the area, we're offering an outline to follow that the men of St. Lucy Parish in Racine have been following every week for the last three years. Below is a list of the resources they use, and the outline for the basic agenda for their weekly meetings. The men of the St. Lucy Men's Study Group invite you to join them any Saturday morning at 7AM to see this Scripture Study in action!

Resources and Preparation:

-Meets every Saturday Morning, 7 - 8AM (St. Lucy Parish in Racine)

-We e-mail out the readings with commentary at middle of each week, using what St. Charles Borromeo has on their website. You can get onto our mailing list simply by e-mailing us at The verse commentaries are taken from a variety of Catholic Study Bibles, and are used as the main guide for discussions:

-Each study opens up with Scott Hahn's Podcast discussion for each Sunday. These are usually made available by the Tuesday before the readings are scheduled.

-For additional reflection, we also send out Fr. Robert Barron's weekly homilies for people if they want to listen to that before the Saturday study:

-We also serve coffee and snacks (such as kringle or cookies) starting at 6:45. We've chosen to serve Mystic Monk Coffee exclusively, which our group has really grown to love. And, coffee roasted by Carmelite Monks of Wyoming seems like a great fit!

Meeting Format:

6:45 AM - Coffee and Snacks are served, social time. (Reminder: If going to mass after the study, snacks and coffee should not be consumed an hour before receiving the Eucharist.)

7:00 AM - Opening Prayer, followed by "Our Father."

7:02 AM - Play Scott Hahn's weekly Podcast (we have speakers so it's loud enough for all.)

7:05 - Someone reads the First Reading slowly, then discuss with everyone, while looking through commentary.

7:20 - Read the Responsorial Psalm, generally, with no discussion.

7:22 - Someone reads the Second Reading slowly, then open discussion, while looking through commentary.

7:40 - Someone reads the Gospel Reading slowly, followed by open discussion, while looking through commentary.

8:00 - Closing Prayer, with pause for verbal petitions / prayer requests, with all guys replaying "Lord Hear our Prayer" after each petition spoken. At about 8:07, we'll close up with Hail Mary together, and conclude with "St. Joseph, Pray for us."

8:10 - Morning Mass


If you and your men's group have any questions, feel free to contact Michael Benner and Matthew Nelson at Again, you have an open invitation to visit our Scripture Study any Saturday morning (except on Holidays) to see how the study flows.




St. Lucy Parish - Sat. @ 7AM



"As a matter of honor,
one man owes it to another
to manifest the truth."

~ St. Thomas Aquinas



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